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Elegant. Distinctive. Powerful. Sometimes even words fail to describe the feeling that is Autore. The retro styling is reminiscent of an era that gave us endearing icons of glamour and fashion. The performance is deceptively muscular and promises remarkable thrills. The attention to detail is soul-inspiring. The luxury is understated, but in complete harmony with the state-of-the-art technology that drives it.


In a world where craftsmanship and perfection is a rare commodity, every Autore craft is lovingly made with experienced hands and a no-compromise philosophy. These extraordinary boats spark the imagination of those who seek the absolute best. For the discerning few who cherish the ultimate luxury, style and performance, there is only one choice –Autore


About Autore

At Autore, we create the highest quality, hand made mahogany speedboats. We are based in Dubai to meet the requirements of a niche market, here in the region and around the world. Today, Autore is rapidly expanding its worldwide distribution with representatives in the Middle East, Europe and Australia. Our Dubai operations house our sales office and state-of-the-art workshops. Creative inspiration comes from our in-house team of top Italian boat designers while a team of boat makers and craftsmen have been specially hand-picked from all over the world to breathe life into our timeless designs.


Leading by excellence

Autore is the brainchild of Gaetano Autore, an Italian who is deeply passionate about boats. He also understands the needs of his exclusive clientele who love the distinct looks of an Autore boat, but also appreciate the craftsmanship and cutting-edge performance. In just a few years, Gaetano has single-handedly brought about a renaissance in boat making in the region with his knowledge, skill and enthusiasm. His mission is to offer stylish and elegant boats that celebrate the finest Italian boat making traditions while delivering stunning performance on water.


A legacy of boat building

At Autore, the time-honored Italian craft of boat making is alive and thriving. For hundreds of years, craftsmen in Italy perfected the art of making boats with wood - bending, flexing, and joining the finest woods to create magnificent vessels that   circumnavigated the world. Gaetano Autore’s love for boats comes from a family tradition. For the last three generations, his family has been involved in boat making ventures. Today, Gaetano proudly takes the tradition forward into a new age where traditional artistry embraces modern boat building methods.


Handcrafted to perfection

At Autore, our world-renowned boats are made with mahogany wood and something quite rare - passion. To create boats of the highest quality and exceptional beauty takes superior talent and a lifetime of experience. It all starts with the finest quality wood. The seductive lines are created with an exciting new technology that bends solid wood into desired shapes.  A lifetime of beauty is assured after the wood is soaked in a special resin that seals it against water, making it maintenance free. The aerodynamic hull is finely sanded to bring out the mahogany’s natural color. The entire hull and deck structure is subjected to over 20 days of sanding, epoxying and polishing to ensure the three coats of primer, 14 of epoxy and eight coats of topcoat varnish, are fully prepared and bonded. The result is a boat that not only looks sensational but is also built to last a lifetime.

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